More Similar Than One Might Originally Assume

I picked up a couple albums at the store today: Weezer by Weezer, and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by Social Distortion. One was good, one was not so good. Allmusic rates them both 4.5 out of 5 stars. I usually find their rating fairly consistent with my personal tastes, but this time they missed the mark. SxDx’s 1992 album is far superior to Weezer’s latest. The red album isn’t terrible, I quite like a few tracks, but the balance leaves me cold. Even Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell‘s lowlights were good fun.


The X-Convention

Not nearly as exciting as it may sound.

I feel so funny. I think I’m going crazy. Maybe I’m already crazy.


Three dollars, two aspirins, and one bad-ass hangover.

The Secrets of the Past or: The Holy Trinity

The Monkees

Joy Division


Müllerian complexes with Jungian overtones, perhaps?

The Flashing Hand Means “Hurry the Fuck Up”

It does not mean “Stop in the middle of the crosswalk with your seven dogs on 15-foot leashes and continue your conversation with your friend until after the light changes.” And don’t get smart with me when I tell you to get out of the intersection. If I carried around a knife I would have waved it menacingly towards you.

First Tuesdays Free

Take a look, nobody’s there. Get ready, are you really going to do this? Too late, somebody’s coming. The timing must be perfect. How long, three seconds? No, more like five. Good, they’re gone. Wait, wait, here we go. Will they bite? I can’t wait to find out, now or never. Face the mirror, look at the camera, raise the hand, extend the digitum medium, walk away. Alright, look over the shoulder, yes, they’ve stopped and are watching. Two, one, got ’em. Get away. Run, no!, don’t run. Act normal. It’s all just part of the exhibit, folks.


The final frontier. I’ve always been curious as to what really happens to our consciousness when we die. Unfortunately, due to its nature, this is an unanswerable question. It is one that will haunt me into eternity.

On a somewhat unrelated note, while doing research for this post, I came across this map. With a few notable exceptions (Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Cuba, as well as all the null data areas), more developed countries tend to have a higher reported suicide rate. Are people in richer countries more depressed or are they just more open with admitting that someone committed suicide?

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark

Delusions of Grandeur

Without them I am nothing.